Hendrickson Paralift steerable axles

These axles were engineered by Mike Gottschalk from Hendrickson Auxiliary axles in 1993. They have proven to be one of the most reliable, light weight steerable air lift axles on the market today. In 1996 Mike introduced the Paralift “Ultra”, with a manufactured axle instead of the cast steel axle used previously. That has saved another 170 lbs. The new Ultra weighs in at 1030 lbs.

Jones Truck & Spring has installed over 2000 of these suspensions in the past five years. Hendrickson has a number of configurations for these suspensions. As a general rule, every axle installed increases the GVW of a truck by 4,500 lbs.

To figure payload increase, subtract the weight of the suspension. In the case of Paralift Ultra axles, that weight is about 1,300 lbs, with tires & rims.

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Prices vary according to the number of axles installed per truck and the amount of work involved to move hydraulic tanks, fuel tanks, battery boxes, or any other obstruction.

Generally the Paralift Ultra Steerable suspension prices are $5,600 installed.

These prices do not include tires and rims, or any applicable taxes (ie. sales tax or federal excise tax)

One Paralift suspension and axle purchased without installation: $4,600